Efficient Maintenance Tactics to Keep Your Mac Flying

Everybody knows that the Apple products are almost trouble-free. Moreover, their phones, watches, laptops and other gadgets usually do not demand some exclusive maintenance. If you choose Apple, chances are close to 100% that you’ll get high-quality merchandise. Nevertheless, like any system, sometimes even Mac can get “tired.” That’s why real pros recommend taking preventive measures to maximize Mac performance. Hence, to keep it in tip-top shape even after many years of hard work, you should follow certain pieces of advice, which we want to review below.

Mac maintenance tips

How to Do Maintenance on a Mac to Protect the System?

Over time, your treasured Mac gets cluttered with apps and files you no longer need. Add here gigabytes of apps’ and browser caches, system junk, unused language packs and other worthless stuff – and you will see that a good deal of disk space is frantically wasted. Moreover, all this trash considerably slows your Mac down making you whine about the times when it used to be blistering fast.

To speed up your Mac and free up gigabytes for a better use, you should conduct regular maintenance procedures. Professionals usually advise two simple ways to keep it at peak performance.

  1. The first one is based on a number of basic actions and built-in utilities. On the one hand, they provide superficial aid for your device. On the other hand, there is no need to download extra software.
  2. The second approach implies downloading and installing additional tools. For some, it may seem more complicated way, but it actually is easier. The root cause bihind it is that modern Macs and their operational systems are so complex that a typical user just physically cannot handle all required maintenance procedures. Plus, you will have much more tweaking functions for flexible system optimization.

The choice is yours. Anyway, we recommend you spend a little bit more time reading on Mac maintenance steps to get to a next-level performance of your Mac computer.

Mac maintenance tips for Mac

Some Precious Mac Maintenance Tips for Users

To be honest, there are dozens of articles on the Internet with tricks that promise 100% success and satisfactory result. However, sometimes these pieces of advice are useless or even harmful. We have hand-picked the most effective tips that we have tested in severe conditions.

  • Keep your software up to date

Apple is not just a company that produces various gadgets. It is a worldwide famous and arguably the world’s most expensive brand. They really take care of their reputation and deliver high-quality software for their products. That’s why be sure to update your old version of Mac OS to the current release. Also, it is strongly recommended to check available patches or updates for all apps on Mac.

  • Backup regularly

Of course, this advice is a bit obvious, but many Mac users usually totally forget about it. Therefore, keep in mind that you should back up all info on your Mac from time to time to prevent data loss. Use special services for this purpose, for example, Time Machine – a very popular online maintenance utility. It lets you back up data, save apps and updates, personal preferences and the hard drive in general.

  • Control background apps

You probably know that many apps can function in the background mode. At first glance, it seems like it’s not a problem, but in fact, they slow down your computer. Hence, find the Login Items section on the Mac (Apple menu -> System Preferences, click Users & Groups -> Select the user, then click Login Items) and acquaint yourself with the list of applications that work from the moment of your login. Remove applications that you do not use. It will simplify the routine work of your system.

  • Free up space on the hard drive

To speed your Mac, you should keep an eye on hard drive space. Leave at least 10-15% of free space on it. To get more storage place, just uninstall applications that you do not use. However, if you track the tendency that you increasingly lack space on the hard disk, you should consider buying one of bigger capacity.

  • Clean it out

Finally, the outside appearance of your Mac is important too as dirt and dust flakes may affect the cooling process and thus, the system’s performance. That’s why you should clean your gear regularly. Choose the appropriate microfiber cloth and wipe away all dust, oils, and smudges.

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The Best Maintenance App for Mac

As we have already mentioned, to keep Mac running smoothly, leave some free space on the drive. Good news is that you don’t have to do it manually. You just need to download additional software “assistant,” which will resolve a problem in few minutes. Companies from all over the world try to develop convenient applications for Apple users to make their life easier. They have already produced dozens of similar system maintenance software for Mac. However, which software out of the broad range available out there is the best one?

We suggest you turn attention to the relatively new but already well-reputed maintenance app. It is a one-stop, simple solution with professional cleaning features and smart algorithms that ensure 100% data safety. App scans the system thoroughly, recognizes information that should be deleted and removes useless and malicious elements. It searches for junk across the entire system (including caches, multiple trash bins, iTunes, iPhotos, iMovies, email, downloads, etc.) – and brings it to the light where you can see it and decide what to do with it – delete permanently or keep. Also, you will definitely appreciate another feature of this app – easy-to-use and extremely handy dashboard with all widgets and instruments, all at your fingertips! Remove, turn on or reset any application in one click.

Eventually, this Mac maintenance software frees up space and memory, so that the computer can run smoothly. Just choose the appropriate time to clean up your Mac and the app will do everything instead of you. Ultimately, all your Mac needs to fly like new again is a data clean-up.

Use this app and our tips to get rid of glitches and lags on your Mac forever!