How You Can Clear Cache on Mac

Today I will be showing you guys how we can clear the cache on your Mac. Now if you don’t know what a cache is it is basically a way of storing small files that may contain data that will kind of improve the time that it is grabbed from a server or somewhere like your PC or Mac to make it load a little bit faster and reduce latency. So for instance let’s say you go to some Web site in a browser it may cache that data so it can grab the information quicker next time you go to it rather than having everything to load. Now this is very effective when it comes to things like images. Facebook does cache some of their images on their website. So next time you go it doesn’t take as long to pull that data from their server. So these files do actually accumulate a lot over time.

And when you remove or uninstall a program from your Mac it actually doesn’t go away the cache file just in case you end up using it again. So we’re going to go ahead and check out how to remove those today. So if you’re a big fan of shortcuts makes your on your desktop and hit command shift g to go to the go to folder or if you’re not really into these types of shortcuts you can just go to the main menu and go to go and go to go to folder and we are going to type in the following path. We are going to type until they with a backslash and we are going to type in library and you’ll see that this come up right here and we’re going to go ahead and click on the caches folder or you can just go to if you go to the go to folder again we can just type in library backslash caches to make it a little bit easier.

Delete cache files on a Mac

You’ll see that there are a bunch of different types of files in here and they range from anything from you know the operating system itself to programs you may have downloaded in the past. And it does have like a good hub you know there is one for pretty much every browser on here. So we’re going to go ahead and just select all of these with command a and we’re just going to move these to the trash and we are going to delete those. So we have one more thing to clear and I don’t know why they did it this way but you can go ahead and if you have your devices on the left hand side here click on the hard drive name. Mind is Macintosh HD.

Typically yours will be the same unless you’ve changed it if you’ve had to partition your drive or something like that. You’ve messed around with disutility before. So go ahead and click on Macintosh HD. If you don’t see it you can go to the finder section and go to preferences and order finder preferences you can make sure that under devices hard disk is selected. See if we uncheck this it goes away if we check it it’s going to go and I’m just going to remove that really quick and external drives and CDs. So if you click on Macintosh HD and go into library and go into caches up here you’ll see that there are still files here.

I don’t know why they did it this way but if you if we take a look if we go back to go to find her really quick and we keep this path. There is nothing in this folder with caches but there is in here and it’s the same path. So I’m not sure exactly you know what they did with that. But you can go ahead and delete these also. These folders with the like the Do Not Enter sign on there. You just can’t open these because you don’t have the permissions. So you guys can just go ahead and delete those as well. It’s probably going to have you enter your password because it’s not going to let you delete those files with the the red on it. But you can do oops the wrong password you can go ahead and just delete those also and that’s how you clear the cache. You know you will see a bit of improvement as far as speed goes. These are going to accumulate over time as you continue to use your Mac.

But you can always go ahead and delete if you feel the need to but that is about it for this video guys really cut and simple cut and dry. So if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Leave a comment in the section below on some future videos you want to see for me. It can be anything related to technology and I will try to get that to you guys as soon as possible so peace out and thanks for watching.