Configuring your Logitech MX Revolution for maximum productivity

Logitech mouseThe Logitech MX Revolution is an ergonomic (at least if you’re right-handed) mouse with a host of buttons that you can configure via Logitech Control Center. The default configuration of the buttons and the wheel doesn’t work that well for me, so here’s how I configured my MX to fit my needs. First, I figured out what functions I use most and if it would make sense to put them on a button on the mouse. I wanted to minimize switching between the mouse and the keyboard for the most commonly used functions. After some pondering, these are the functions I use most often:

  • Switch between applications
  • Expose (current application)
  • Back button in browser
  • Jump to the top of a browser page

Customizing MX Revolution Mouse

I tried to figure out the most intuitive and natural way to assign these functions to buttons on the mouse, here’s what I came up with:

  • This setting works really well for me. Using the One-Touch Search button, switching between applications is a breeze. No more Alt-Tab for me. And since I tend to accumulate a lot of windows in Safari, launching Exposé at the click of a button is much more efficient than trying to find a specific window by any other method.
  • IMHO, this is the real power of Exposé: Seeing all windows of a specific application makes much more sense than seeing the windows of all applications at once. In most cases, you’ll have too many applications and windows open to allow for a decent size preview in Exposé for all apps. But in a single application, Exposé works perfectly, especially since the other ways of switching through the windows of an app (either via the Window menu or via keyboard shortcut) are much less efficient.

These are the settings that work pretty nicely for me. If you have a different configuration for your MX, feel free to add a comment below.