How to find out from where you downloaded a file

Sometimes you find a file in your Downloads folder and you want to know where you downloaded it from. So you search through your Safari history, but apparently the download is too far back in time. Next thing, you try googling the filename, but that doesn’t turn up anything either. As a last resort, you then rack your brain to try and remember where you downloaded that file from. Of course, this last effort is as futile as the first two. But all is not lost!

How to Find Where a Download Came From

If you were smart enough to download the file with Safari, you’re in luck: Safari adds the download URL of every file it downloads to the file’s Spotlight comments. Simply right-click the file in Finder, select Get Info, and there in the Spotlight comments is the original URL from where the file was downloaded.

This only works for files downloaded with Safari, though. If you’re using Firefox, Flock or any other Mac browser, you’ll have to resort to racking your brain, I’m afraid.