How to Deal with Slow Mac Comuter

So if you’re here I’m assuming that you have some Mac computer it’s been slow.  It’s been acting up taking a while to open programs shut down that kind of thing.

If you’re on any earlier versions of software then 10.6 the steps of it shows pretty much the same. All the way back to say 10.6 does change slightly. Neuralgia people saying don’t upgrade 10.11 no it’s not optimized. It causes low system issues that are not the case if there were some of those issues on release. Apple’s fix that up currently 10.11 is very style so I do recommend the update to 10.11 or you know it’s up to date. You can make that can’t go to 10.10 obviously are there any issues with updating makes me have a time machine backup before you update.

Check Disk Space Usage

Obviously, if you’re not satisfied with the update, you can roll the whole computer back to the version your laptop was on. Whenever you made the time machine backup first thing’s first:

  1. Tap in the top left-hand corner of this mac
  2. Above you’ll be able to see a little storage tab here so hit that
  3. have a look at your Macintosh HD, so this is essentially your hard drive
  4. paying attention to this year and have this is a boot camp partition on my hard drive
  5. it means that I’ve installed Windows on this.

This is what we want to be looking so I rule of thumb. I recommend people have at least 10% of their hard drive space free at any one time so for me with a 250gb hard drive about 20 25 GBs you can even get away with a both 1500 the same with 250gb hard drive space 15 to 25 GB free.

You should be fine if of course, you know this up here. You’ve only got a couple of gigabytes free or you don’t have any space free that’s more than likely where the issues can be. So make sure you delete a whole bunch of stuff from the computer and make sure you bring hard drive back to about 10% free space.

Close that down that Apple logo system preferences. Come here to users and groups you left your current user telling me issues. Now you can see here this is just some random statistic and I created for the purpose at least say four five six seven different applications here. Now obviously are open automatically invalid login to this user account. All of these applications will pop up here, and they will load so you’ll see them.

Down there is a little black dot under there so if you want to get rid of them, they want to get rid of Dropbox box and click this little minus button here. So many trains Kwik tan and also Evernote. I’ll leave flags up. So once you finished all that with go back into settings and close that down.

Clear Cache and Cookies on Mac

And the next thing and get you do open up Safari.

  1. hit the safari tab top left-hand corner
  2. go clear history
  3. all history
  4. clear history

This is going to empty out all the safari browsing history so you cookies website. All that kind of stuff to do this for other people they haven’t done it for a year or two so they got thousands and thousands of websites and cookies in all this website data on their safari application. It’s just sitting there, and I don’t need it anymore. So I recommend going there.

important you still have all your favourites in staffing. as you can see the only thing that will do just in case you have been home. YouTube got your credentials saved so if you were to go to Facebook now you wouldn’t have to login again because everything is already there. it’s going to reset all of that but all we have to do is just put in an information again.

  • Essentialy if you guys are on a quick little tip if you want to force quit an application.
  • shut the whole thing down on the keyboard.
  • hold command and then press the U Key
  • and that would just quit the program. Inspiring? come down here to The Finder.
  • Open finder and can’t click on go

and then hold your mouse over the computer and what you want to do is on your keyboard hold down the option key and you can see here just above computer at the library folder will be pop up there right.

  • now I’m tapping the option
  • click on library
  • go into caches

I’ll see a whole different beard folders. here you have more than me. just a random account created another on the top left hand corner. so what I recommend doing is just completely clearing out the caches folder altogether. so quick just a single quick

  1. just single click on this identifier on the keyboard. another quick in hthe andy shortcut
  2. hold down the command key and then click the a button that will highlight.
  3. everything as you can see there any once you’ve done that you can just drag them all to the trash. move to trash make sure it’s all finished

Now when you do this make sure you are definitely inside the caches folder. all of these folders here is if you do that’s going to delete everything on your user Drive. see photos downloaded everything please just be really careful. gonna go back in the caches just double check sometimes. the photo to pop back up there straight away. if does just leave it the only probably thinking that you have to empty trash can because it began the trash can hear and see all of those caches folders.

If you were to go empty and empty trash would get this error message to “Cash DB is in use” so just stop that one. all that means is that those current fault is still being used by the system. so I went to get around that is simply just turn the computer off and started back up. so essentially just restart the computer was all of these problems down. you can see it sorted with some here but these ones here. but as soon as you restart computer, these won’t shut down fully and then you can come back in here and empty the trash. do that on your next freestyle. now I want to empty the cache folder library. have a look through here. sometimes you won’t have it. here you can delete your cookies as well if you have cookies. folder down here put methods into this folder again. nothing obviously but if you do emptying, you can see a folder called launch. empty that as well. I don’t have it on this particular computer. occasions state going here you can move these to trash as well. is that really important? the main one you’re looking for is the caches folder but I just like to do those other ones. and then just to make sure you’re ready going into the library folder.

Check background apps activities

Now the next thing I recommend is checking out all your background apps activities. come up here to the middle font icon and type in activity monitor. substantially all this does is just gives you an insight into what exactly are computers doing. so you can see here QuickTime player this is what I’m using text to record the screen so it’s taking up 20% of the processor. the memory which is your brain 77 % energy not using that much or what messages 8% of my energy don’t really need.

When your looking at is CPU and memory does CPU have a look if you can see any appeared at taking your what for example wants to take me up hardly anything time here. So just have a look to see if there’s any apps are not currently using data taking up a lot. also come to the memory. this is your brain. this is essentially how much your computer can multitask. unload things in its temporary memory kernel task. just leave that at NBA system process. refuse Dropbox or around iTunes running, you can just hit them to stop.

let’s go back. Dropbox is now gone. save to shutdown the Dropbox. another quick bulb planter physical memory swap 8GB RAM. I’m currently using 2.4 gigabytes as well and a half dishoom same as CPU. you can see they’re here so the entire system is using the 5% use about 5% as well and good about 90% free now.

  • if your computer is being noise slow ,this is probably going to be maybe like 5 to 10% free so just keep an eye on here.
  • The next step is to jump into safari or whichever internet browser you use. you can use Chrome, Firefox doesn’t matter. if you’re not using safari remember hell before I got to do.
  • go safari and then clear history. do the same thing do the equivalent thing if you’re using another browser. so for example of using Chrome ,the settings are a little bit different. I’m outside darling that kind of things sound Firefox so just Google it and it will show you how to do that for that specific browser.

Check for Malware

What we’re going to do is rattling in a search any kind of malware stored on a computer. so to do that let’s go to a website and it’s going to be Malwarebytes. now Malwarebytes one word what is with the wise and b y t e s. Org. now Malwarebytes it’s there is a paid option don’t have to buy the pay one. I’ve only ever used the free version so come near here. essentially just click the free download button make sure you selected Mac and just go to download. another download now invited to your computer. now answer before Malwarebytes were actually search for malware on the computer so if you guys been having no adware mannequin on way to melt. Defender pop-ups are happening. this is actually going to search your computer for the source of Us pop ups and if it doesn’t text something ,it will give you the option to delete it. so once that’s finished come down into downloads. for most people, it’s just going to be down here. you can go to finder got the Mac D and G Malwarebytes.

I want to install closes down here applications look for it. is Malwarebytes opening up open accept the terms and conditions password. I just want to hit the scan button. now ,this didn’t detect anything on my computer obviously cuz I usually keep my old computer pretty clean. othe pen new user account is probably going to be nothing on here at all. but if dude find something to give you a drop down list. select all of them detecting because sometimes now I buy it for detect things that are extensions. that kind of thing I actually would you name. it will sometimes identify them. so if it’s not malware if you know ,it’s no it’s the program for antique them but for the rest of them make sure the selected and Malwarebytes will give you an option to delete. for just close all of this down. make sure honestly ,you restart the computer. Then here and empty the trash.