Growing your social media followers: Why and How?

Proof of it lies in posts, images, and videos going viral. If you have enough of a following, your message gets circulated instantly to a large enough audience, an audience that might otherwise have been inaccessible or not so easily reached through traditional media. The way it works is sort of like a compounding effect – when your followers like a post, they would tend to like, share, or re-tweet it. So, in effect, your message reaches out not only to your followers but followers of your followers too. In the event that you do not have a big enough following yet, there is nothing to despair. All it takes is a little diligence, in some instances an investment whereby you could buy real Instagram followers or even boost views on your posts. And, unlike traditional media, you get the benefit of instant feedback too as social media is a two-way street and near instantaneous at that. This is quick and efficient. Marketers are increasingly using it as their primary marketing tool and also for running campaigns and all these, at minimal costs.

Why are the numbers so important?

Your blog may be rich with excellent content but if there are not enough followers reading it, then the blog is not considered noteworthy. Not in the sense of quality or the content worthiness, but marketers wouldn’t take a second look if the numbers aren’t there. The stress is on being able to reach out to a large audience and then serve that readership with quality content. Of course, if the content isn’t something that your readers love, then it follows as a corollary, that there would not be the desired number of followers too.

Followers’ followers are a simple but very important concept in the world of social media. Your follower on any social media platform would in turn have their own following on their pages. And, therein lies the secret of building a big enough reach for your social media account. The more you are able to nurture your followers, the more likely it is that your message will be shared and therein you get to reach out to a bigger audience. Imagine having a follower base of five-thousand and assume that only twenty percent are active. Assuming each of these active followers, in turn, has a thousand followers each. So, that’s a potential audience of one million for you!

Find out those that influence

While the numbers are important, you would have noted that not all of them engage with the same level of enthusiasm, nor are all of them equal in terms of their reach. Followers with influence, meaning those that have an active community engagement with a significant number of active followers can become an important part of your social connections. A good way to do this is to identify your niche, pick up social forums where your likely audience would be, and then find out who the most active members are in those forums. Engage with them as these individuals could potentially introduce you to millions more. Remember that people with influence are those that are heard, whose word may almost be treated as the gospel on those forums and therefore, there lies your chance to engage. Your credibility will go up by leaps and bounds when endorsed by those with influence.

Conclusion – Engagement and Community

Active engagement with active followers is the key to increasing your opportunities. Whether that goal is business or just a wider readership, the more you engage, the more likes and maybe more shares, and with each of them, your opportunity expands manifold. Also, remember that over fifty percent of Internet users are still not users of social media. Therefore, the need to grow followers for if one of them talks about you to one who isn’t engaged on your platform yet, you could likely get a follower for that reference. Keep engaging and keep track. Those two things could see you to prosperity in your social media communication strategies.