How to Perform Mac Maintenance and Cleaning

Today we’re going to do a full Mac computer clean and maintenance which will include checking the computer for any possible malware spyware or viruses. And so those go in and get started writing you’re going to want to do is come up here and click on the go option select utilities.

Verifying Disk Permission

Look for the Disk Utility option don’t click on it. Was this window comes up you’ll like Macintosh HD. Well first start by verifying the disk as soon as the verifying disk permission has gone through the process.

Next thing you want to do is come over here and click on repair disk which I will go ahead and do right now. Says the computer has finished the repair option. We’re going to come over here like Macintosh HD when option up and then we are going to verify the desperations. So the computer has finished verifying the disk permissions. The next thing you want to do is repair the disk commissions. I’ll do that now. What’s the repaired disk permissions has finished through the process you can go ahead and close the Disk Utility.

Clean Up Mac Computer

Next we’re going to need to use a couple tools to go through and clean the computer up any garbage as well as a possible malware spyware or viruses on the computer. The first tool we’re going to need is a cleaner. There is a link down below us where you can download this free tool to check the computer for any garbage CFC Cleator up what you use like the first tab just make sure that you have the following boxes checked your applications list will vary depending on where applications are on your computer. So it’s going to be kind of up to you what you clean out. However when it comes to the Web browsers make sure you’re not deleting any saved information now that is information you don’t lose what you have all the correct boxes checked. Go ahead and just read the cleaner. Go ahead and do that right now.

All right once it finishes cleaning everything out it’s going to give you a list of what it found. This computer obviously wasn’t very dirty to begin with so generally the results are going to be much higher than this. But again it will give you a detailed list down below what you can go through and see what it claims. Once that’s finished you can go in and close the cleaner the next tool we’re going to need is a scan called Maskin. Again there’s a link down below where he where as to where you can go to download this free tool. Make sure you hit.

  1. The mode where this comes up actually read it as a draw.
  2. They want to come over here and click on Max scan to check for any updates. We’ll make sure the definitions are up to date.
  3. Once that’s finished we can go out and click on scan we just do a quick scan and scan the computer for any possible infections we will minimize that second run in the background while we continue working on the computer here. The next step is to make sure everything’s up to date.
  4. So we’re going to click on a little app like com and we’re just going to select the app store as soon as the app store is up.

We’re just going to come over here and select updates and spirit check to see if there’s any thing that needs to be updated on. You can see that film no updates needed on this computer. If it does find any that are needed on yours list just make sure you go ahead and update them. Once finished you can go ahead and post the store.

The next thing we need to do for a cleaning and maintenance is go through the web browsers. The main thing we’re looking for is any malware related add ons extensions or problems as well as we need to remove any toolbars. First of all look at Safari and it goes down to preferences. In other extentions it will with any extensions that you have installed on safari. The less the better you can see on this one we have zero which is the best because there is less garbage is going to run and perform much better. But the other thing is they want to look for specifically toolbars anything with the word bar or toolbar needs to be removed.

They are generally related to malware that allow additional malware into the computer so that the ceasefire looks good with Embling safari Carol we’re just going to go to the settings extentions you can see we just have the standard Google extensions nothing additional which is really best. You want to go through and clean out remove all the garbage again keep an eye out for toolbars those need to go escrowed. And then for Firefox for it to come over here and click on Adam’s business like extensions. So everything looks good. They’re just like plug ins.

Here you can set to whether as always right now generally don’t want something always active.

So for example here we’re just going to go ahead and trim it off. We don’t eat it. And then you just gonna want to go through the list. If you don’t know what something is just google it and that it will be a beauty. Tell us what it is that you’re looking at generally as best out of so to ask that rather than always activate. But again it does depend on what the plugin has once finished you can go and close Firefox.

Check and Uninstall Mac Apps

Check the computer see if there’s any “Junk programs” that you may or may not have installed on a computer.

So here in the finder we’re going to select locations this just gives a list of all the applications that are on your computer so you can go through that list and remove anything that’s just garbage. You don’t need again keep an eye out for anything that says toolbars want to get rid of those. And I’m also going to put the link below as to a Web site where you want to check to see what a program is and whether or not it should be removed. Now the easiest way to remove a program is simply just to click on the icon here and then drag it down to the trash bin. Down here the bottom corner.

However if you want to be thorough in removing the program are you going to do is for example a or move Skype. Here I’m going to get plus and we’re going to want system files. But usually it’s not going to show up in this list. Like others Peppin system files selected. OK change it to are included. Plus what made matches say now we don’t use Skype on this computer so there’s not going to be a whole lot of system files that’s going to fine.

But generally it’s going to come up with a list. Make sure that your settings look exactly like this system files are included name that is exactly Skype is up here as well ready to select everything and drag it down to the trash bin that will get rid of everything so that’s a more thorough way to remove a program off the computer rather than just dragging it. Next thing we will do is check the log in. I know we’re going to click on the Little Apple icon like System Preferences.

Check log in items and Firewall

This comes up you’ll select the user groups option down over here and what we want to go to is the log in items.

The longer this list is the more items and applications you are asked to start every time you turn the computer it’s best that there’s nothing on this list unless it has to do with your security or possible online backup program that you may have for me.

  • What we first want to do is unlock the block like the application we want to get rid of the minus sign.
  • Now those were not run when we turn the computer on unless we select next let’s go back and we’re going to check the security of privacy.
  • First thing you want to select under security of privacy is firewall just make sure that it’s turned down if not unlocked the padlock turn it on.
  • And then also we strongly recommend that you use file vault.
  • What this does is it encrypts the data on your hard drive. Again it’s by default it’s not going to be turned on. We strongly recommend doing that in case your computer ever gets stolen or what’s missing.

Your data is protected so turn that on again you’ll have to make sure the padlock is a lot you know turn it on depending on how much information you have on your hard drive.

It can take several hours to go through and encrypt everything. Make sure you do not forget your password. Write it down if you have to. You’re going to need that if you lose it you will lose access to your data.

Protect Mac with Antivirus

What’s Mac scanners first is going to list any threats that may have found it will list the type of thing this result chemo or the skanking of zero results. We’re just going ahead. And then we’re going to go ahead and close next.

In addition you’re also going to want to have an antivirus running on your computer. There’s a lot of misunderstanding that there are no viruses for Mac which is not true. You’d absolutely do want to have some sort of antivirus software running on your Mac. Down below I’ve listed for free antivirus software is that you can download that do a pretty good job. If you’re looking for better protection for a paid service we recommend using Kaspersky or defender I have heg running on this computer I’m going to go ahead and open it. Whenever you use an antivirus software you for first want to make sure it’s up to date. I’m just going to go ahead and check for updates. Right now they’re using a vast Abera or cell phones or something else. Always make sure it’s up to date free rent any skin on the computer.

What it says we are up to date we’re going to go ahead and run a scam. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on how many files you have on the computer. Again we cannot emphasize enough. It is not true that there are no viruses for a Mac. That is not true.

As soon as your antivirus gets finished it will display any results of any once you’ve finished with that you should be good to go. You’ll notice that cleaning and maintenance for a Mac is much shorter and much easier and a Windows PC but it does need to be done. So make sure you do it periodically. There are new questions comments. Make sure you listen below. We do respond. Happy to help you out. Thanks.