How to Recover Your Lost PowerPoint Files With Disk Drill

We all know creating a PowerPoint or keynote presentation is not an easy task as it takes to much time and hard work to get it done. And only we can understand how much it hurts when it gets deleted mistakenly.

In such hard time Disk Drill helps recover the lost files. In case you’ve mistakenly deleted your important PowerPoint or Keynote presentation file from your Mac OS X, Disk Drill by CleverFiles will get it back to you very easily.

It not only recovers lost data from computer and laptops but also lets you recover deleted files from mobile phones and external devices including all type of memory cards and USB drives by simply connecting them to computer in which Disk Drill is installed.

In this article we will know how Disk Drill helps us recover lost PowerPoint or keynote presentation files from Mac OS X. But, before that we should know is Disk Drill trustworthy and why should we try it to recovery our files.

The Best Reasons Why You Should Try Disk Drill

There’re many data recovery tool available on the web, but do you know why Disk Drill is the most popular among all of them? Below are some reasons for why you should try Disk Drill by CleverFiles for your data recovery:

It’s Quick & Simple

Disk Drill is the easiest and fastest tool for data recovery. All you need to download it in your system, click the Recovery button, and see the magic.

A Free Data Recovery Tool

CleverFiles Disk Drill is a free data recovery tool for Mac and Windows and lets you recover 500 MB of data absolutely free of cost.

The best thing is that the tool itself tells you whether the files can be recovered for free or not. It means if the data being recovered is less than 500 MB, it will be recovered for free otherwise it will ask you to upgrade.

Supports the Wide Range of Files & Formats

Disk Drill supports 200+ file formats so you don’t need to worry about the file formats. Just download the tool and go ahead with the recovery process, it won’t disappoint you.

All your lost documents, including music, pictures, videos, documents, custom file formats and much more can be quickly and easily restored.

Multiple Scan Options

Disk Drill is capable of recovering your lost data in all possible ways. It comes with multiple scan options to find deleted files in your system.

Disk Drill’s Quick Scan functions targets the recently deleted files and easily find them to restore. And in case your data loss was bit older, you can try the Deep Scan option that thoroughly search for the entire drive to find and reconstruct lost files.

Very Flexible Data Recovery

The Disk Drill by CleverFiles is the most flexible data recovery software which lets you recover lost files from almost all kind of storage devices including internal and external hard drives, memory cards and more from desktops, laptops, workstations, even cameras or iPods.

All you need to connect the storage device to your computer, Disk Drill will be able to scan it for lost data. You don’t have to worry about the recovery method, Disk Drill will quickly analyze the problem and choose the most effective approach.

Isn’t it most flexible data recovery tool available in the market?

Recover Lost PowerPoint Using Disk Drill on Mac OS X

It’s very easy to recover lost PPT files on Mac OS X using Disk Drill. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Disk Drill tool in your Mac OS X, launch it.

You need to set a preferred file type as you’re only looking or PowerPoint files. Go straight to Disk Drill > Preferences on the top menu bar. Select the “File Types” tab. Click the “Clear Selection” button at the bottom to clear all currently selected file types.

Then, under Documents, check the box next to the presentation file extension you need (PPT and PPTX for PowerPoint, KEY for Keynote, ODP for OpenOffice, etc.).

In the Disk Drill’s interface you’ll see all the available drives of your system. Just choose the drive where you want to perform the deleted file recovery and click the “Recover” button.

As soon as you hit the Recover button, Disk Drill’s scanning function will start finding the recoverable files. And once done, it will show the list of files that can be recovered.

After the scanning done, just choose the file you want to recover and hit the “Recover” button once again, shown on the top of the screen.

You can read out the detailed article about how to recover deleted files on Mac with Disk Drill on its official website.

Final Words

It’s the easiest, fastest and most trustworthy data recovery tools available in the industry. Its effective features and powerful ability to recover lost files make it an industry leading data recovery software.

It lets users recover 500 MB of lost files for completely free and this is the another reason why it’s the most used data recovery tool in the market.

Its powerful scanning engine with multiple scan options such as Quick Scan and Deep Scan is unmatched in versatility and scanning power.

So, stop worrying for your lost data, just download and install CleverFiles Disk Drill and it will get your lost files to you for sure regardless of how the data loss happened, in which storage device it was lost and what were the formats of lost files.