Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac

There are several applications out there that claim to find and remove duplicate files from your Mac that after purchasing and testing all of these apps I found that very few of them produced identical results. In fact many of these applications flat out failed to detect photos that I had specifically imported twice or when I ran the test twice it produced different results. The prices for these various apps can range anywhere from free all the way up to 30 dollars and I will tell you right now there really was no clear winner in my book. So what I’m going to do today is present to all of you Two of my favorites and let you decide what is the best solution for you.


PowerPhotos Review and Test

The first app that we are talking about today is called Power photos power photos can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website. At that cat photos dot com. It retails for twenty nine ninety five which makes it by far the most expensive duplicate removing application. PowerPhotos is a really great application for two different types of issues merging multiple photo libraries as well as finding duplicates to merge multiple photo libraries.

  1. Just click the plus symbol that you see here at the top left and select add existing library.
  2. Now select whatever library should appear in the Finder window and then click the arrow down button at the top center of the screen.
  3. to start the merge process drag all of your photo libraries into the first box and then drag only the default library into the second box.
  4. Then click preview it will walk you through the rest of the process to eliminate duplicates power photos.
  5. Click on the default photo library followed by the spyglass icon at the top center of the window
  6. then click the beginning duplicate search
  7. when the search finishes you’ll see check marks above some images and a box above others.

The check box indicates which photo to keep and the box indicates which photo will be marked as a duplicate and eventually removed. If you would like to swap which images kept – just click on that particular image that has been marked as a duplicate and press the enter or return key on your keyboard. When you’re done click apply.

Now you’ll need to go into photos and look for a new album at the top called PowerPhotos. Non keepers you can then select all the photos in that album by clicking on one of them and then hitting command a on your keyboard. Also known as select all and then you’ll need to secondary click. Some of you still referring to that as a right click and select delete photos.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Review and Test

The second app that we’re discussing today is called duplicate photos fixer probe that has a long title. You can get it in the App Store and I’ve seen prices shift on this particular application anywhere from one dollar all the way up to 20 dollars. Now one feature I really do like about this app is not the ability to scan for duplicates but also similar photos. For example a lot of times when I go out taking photos I’ll take several photos of the same thing. So in addition to duplicate photos you can also search for similar photos taken within a similar time period or photos that have a very similar GPS coordinate. As you go through the duplicates you’re going to check the photos that you want to trash. So it’s the opposite of PowerPhotos in that respect or if you prefer.

  1. You can also use the auto marked feature that you’ll find at the top left at the top right of the application.
  2. You’ll find a side bar which can be used to instantly expand or reduce the search parameters just like power photos.
  3. This is going to put all of those duplicate photos into a special album in your photos library.
  4. You need to select all of those images.
  5. Secondary click on them and delete now.

You may have noticed that at the bottom right corner of this app there is a special technical support phone number. Now I called it just to test their knowledge and their customer service skills. Let’s just say it did not go well for those of you out there who are dealing with duplicate files beyond just photos.


I have to say that unfortunately I did not find a single app that was good enough for me to mention if one should ever come out in the future I will absolutely cover it and bring it to all of you. But at this time I couldn’t find any that I could really recommend.