How to stop your Mac From Crashing

Guys were going to show you how to deal with iMac freezing. Any Apple computer that you might be having it’s freezing up quite a bit it was freezing up sometimes it was two-three times a day if I had lots of safari tabs open was playing around with anything to do with QuickTime and also it was crashing.

When I open up our final cut and things like that so what to do when your iMac is freezing or your Apple MacBook Pro whatever doesn’t matter what product you’ve got.

This is the steps to take the first step is to go into your applications scroll down to utilities

  • Open that up, and you can see the Disk utility
  • Double click of the mouse overalls can open it up to
  • Double click disk utility ok and it’s going to ask you to select a disk volume or image you were going to select
  • The first startup disk right here this is where your computer starts up from  the Macintosh HD

The details of it right this is where my computer starts up from. So what we’re going to do first verify disk be prepared. This is unavailable click verify disc we’re going to click repair disk. Mine was nice and clean, and the reason was that I’ve already done this but you’ll find your actual disk fill up with all these things, and it will take up to 20 minutes could even make an hour just let it do its work.

It will go through and clean everything that’s a problem thing to do. To verify disc, you can do this in stages problems from happening software that has problems you name. Now this will find all the problems. Hey, what you are gonna do remember I said yours would probably take away the bit longer see start with this one.

Start to Repair Disk Permissions

Verify you want to do is go back again and you’ll actually do these two verify disk permissions.

Repair disk permission. What’s happened? What I believe is that all of your software: QuickTime if you’ve put in a driver for a printer, or scanner if you’re putting some software. I had problems with safari it will show you all these things that were wrong, and I was fixing them all up. So what you are going to do with all this finish anything about finishing ideally don’t have any other software running. ok, so we’ve got the Verified disc face finished. as you can see the volume Macintosh appears to be ok what you could then do is repair disk permissions. Now and this is where I saw all of the repairs this is where it all happened so I was on this the button.

After you’ve done verify disk you could have done repair disc if it allowed but it didn’t so I just did verify disk and they have clicked this one and this is where all the problems happen. to me earlier of course now I’ve already gone through this step so this is not going to be as bad but it still might find some issues and they’re the ones that were causing the computer to crash fully. this will work for you and it will stop the computer crashing as much as it was. I mean I was crashing pretty much Final Cut Pro or QuickTime movie player or Safari. so mine was crashing quite a bit like I said you can see here repairing permissions estimated it is this is actually issues. still, after I’ve done a few repairs believe it or not this could take a while and that’ll just go through and repair of thing. the other thing you can do then is once the repairs have happened just restart your computer or shut it down and then restarted again and hopefully, that’s all fixed up for you hope that helps guys